Naldien's Tower

Located in a small glade in the southern most part of the Dales, is the home of Naldien, the necromancer that Ezrehel had mentioned to Melmiriel during her possession by the Star-spirit.

This is a very strange looking building with elements of tower and cottage and town-house all rolled into one, it seems that the Necromancer; Naldien, seems less concerned with form or function and has erected him home, adding rooms and floors almost unconscious of the form his home takes.

There is a small tower attached to the back of his home which shows signs of age and disrepair, and is by far the oldest part of the building, the rest of the cottage-come-townhouse is a late addition that Naldien had built himself.

The front of the building is by far the most sedate and stable-looking, taking most of it’s features from a small village cottage. Housed here is the kitchen and social areas of Naldien’s home. The kitchen seems to have a faint tang on the air, the smells of decay from further into the building permeating every space, although the undertones of cooking and less unsavory magics seem to give the space a lived in and friendly atmosphere.

There are tree bedrooms in the back of the building, each of them sparely decorates or furnished, even Naldien’s bedroom has no more furniture that absolutely necessary.

The Tower itself has three floors, the first being a large and impressive magical library, with comfortable seats and shelves full of books, scrolls and small magical items covered by a thin layer of dust, on the far wall is a tightly-winding staircase leading to the next floor, which has a simple laboratory. There is thin layer of blood covering most surfaces, although it does look like it had been cleaned thoroughly several times. Skeletal statues stand at the four points of the compass, their hands raised, each pointing into the middle of the room where an ornate cage is located.

The stairs lead up again to a locked and rusted shut expansive laboratory, in the center of the floor is a winding and expansive magical circle that is almost three feet in diameter. Blood covers every surface in this room, large smears of dried ichor covered in a thick layer of dust. The floor is tacky to touch, and there are several bones lying about that belong to many different creatures and beings. There is a also the ghost of a small girl-child inhabits this room and Naldien believes that she is the reason that the previous owner of the tower abandoned it.

In the clearing around the tower is several large boulders, one of which has now been partially melted by Mathrehal Oredrean in a fit of rage.

Naldien's Tower

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