Mathrehal Oredrean

Exiled Wild-Elf, now leading a rogueish life beyond the laws of both Humans and Elves.


Being almost exactly six feet tall with darkish skin, green eyes and brown hair, Mathrehal looks rather like a Human. The fact that he also seems to trying to grow a beard makes it even harder to identify him as an Elf immediately.

He has lived on the Human-dominated mainland for about three decades now and has dumped his people’s customs of stone tools, wearing skins, home-spun linen and braided hair in favour of store-bought attire and the use of iron weaponry. He carries on his back a heavy bag containing basically an entire camp and an inordinate number of arrows for the shortbow that is his only link to his home. In addition to the bow he carries a pair of daggers and a shortspear.

Having unpicked his hair from it’s elaborate style he has simply tied it back with a length of cord, and the overall effect is to make him look like a cheap Angillion mercenary.


Born to the Oredrean tribe of the Wild Elves, Mathrehal was banished from his home on the Sunlit Isle because spells tend to fizzle out around him, causing the tribe’s leaders no end of trouble.

He started his career on the mainland thieving from the local humans, living day-to-day with the bare minimum of food and supplies.

After about a year, he moved away from the coast and sought out other communities around, he quickly found a large Angillion city, where his tribal outlook caused him to fall foul of the law. After a few months, he found that the language barrier between himself and everyone else on the mainland was causing him more problems than he could deal with but luckily a Moon Elf guardsman took him back to his village after his latest arrest where he was able be able to learn from without having him disturb any spells. They taught him their native language and Angillion, and he learned to control his magic-leeching power. He then spent some time in Canaan, getting his bearings on civilisation.

He finally took to learning about other cultures, to avoid misunderstandings, and spent time with the Orcs, Giants and the great flatlands of Mara.

Finally he found himself in the small city of Falcon’s Reach.

Mathrehal Oredrean

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