Imperial Justice

An Emperor that only wishes for his lands to be safe and secure turns to magi to aid him in his quest of unification and peace.

The army of the Empire of Angillion has been fighting what seemed like an unwinnable war with the neighbouring contries of Erebor, the Dales and the Southern Reaches. Their forces were stretched too thin; supplies and reinforcements almost impossible for them to come by. They were loosing slowly, their armies almost spent and they found rebellion and invasion by other countries was whittling away their lands.

The sickly Emperor called to many magi in his lands to his castle, bringing the most ambitious and amoral men to him. Shortly after, Angillion’s armies rose again in strength and stamina, forcing back the tides of enemies both foreign and domestic and Agillion ruled all of it’s provinces with an iron fist.

The people grew dispondant and tired, especially on the boarders of the Empire as well as becoming distrustful of their Emperor, as member’s of their villages and towns began to go missing, always while the army was nearby. It was widely believed that the armies were press-ganging people, men and women, in to service.

Our story begins in a small, hard village called Falcon’s Reach, where a young orphaned girl is working in the Monk, a tavern of small patronage of world-weary farmers and the occasional traveler.



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